Come and have a look at Kupidabin Wilderness' Art Gallery and Craft Shop.

Open 11am-3pm, Saturday and Sunday by appointment. Contact us to make a booking.


Four Winds Indigenous Art Gallery:

  • Featuring:
  • Original artwork by Maori and Aboriginal Artists
  • Indigenous Artifacts
  • and much more...


Craft Items Available:

  • Deer Leather - Suede Pastel Colours (suitable for clothing, small bags, dream catchers, etc)
  • Deer Leather – Upholstery Leather (suitable to cover chairs, make cushions, and great for indoor slippers)
  • Cow Bone,  Buffalo Horn and Pipestone Hair Pipe Beads.
  • Fresh Water Clam Shell Buttons.
  • Buffalo Horn Bear Talons suit Necklaces
  • Arrowheads 30mm – Eagle 32mm- Feather 40mm- Turtle 23mm (polished nickel finish with simulated turquoise inlay)
  • Deer Antler mounted on Embossed Deer Leather Shields from $250.00
  • and much more...


Contact us for more information.

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