Thank you Kupidabin! 

The winding down of Mt Samson’s Kupidabin Cultural Association Inc has led to an extremely generous $10,000 donation to Samford RDA.

Members of the Kupidabin group decided last year to wind down the association and disperse all financial assets, unanimously electing Samford RDA as the worthy recipient. Kupidabin (the Indigenous name for ‘Place of Possums’) will now return to its ‘roots’, to be run as a not for profit organisation with volunteer support to host workshops and cultural activities at Kupidabin Wilderness on land owned by Des and Maureen Pickstone.

Des and Maureen said they were very pleased to be able to support the work of Samford RDA through the donation. They said the winding down of the association was not the end of their vision, but a new beginning. Kupidabin Wilderness is protected under the State’s Environmental Protection Act as a rare eco-region, and the new management structure is in keeping with the group’s original philosophy – to bring together all cultural groups in a place of peace and harmony.

In 2005, Aboriginal Elder, Tex Chapman Wakka Wakka, representing the traditional ancestors of the land, blessed Kupidabin Wilderness and gave permission to hold multicultural gatherings. This year the Kupidabin group will encourage more multicultural activities and invite Indigenous and ethnic groups to use the land for ceremonies, festivals and fund-raisers. All money raised will go towards the upkeep of the land and further development of facilities.

Samford RDA sincerely thanks all involved for the substantial contribution which will go a long way to funding RDA activities in 2017.

Kupidabin's surplus fund in the future will be donated to Moreton Bay Regional Council community organisations in need.

- Samford Riding for the Disabled Association of Australia

Kupidabin Representatives Des Pickstone , Maureen Pickstone and Treasurer Sherrie McLean join with their Patron and State Member for Ferny Grove, Mark Furner, presenting the cheque for $10,000 to Jo Cawthera and Jane Marsh, Committee Members of Samford RDA.

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