The original ancestors of the land that is now Kupidabin Wilderness were the Garumungar people, from the Wakka Wakka language group.

The land was blessed by Aboriginal Elder Uncle Tex Chapman (Wakka Wakka) on the 7th February 2005 giving permission for all cultures to use the land for their traditional ceremonies. Cultural activities began on the land in that same year.

We were advised by an aboriginal law woman in 2007 to use the name Kupidabin, which is an aboriginal word for 'place of possums', and was the original name for the Samford Valley area.

In 2008, Kupidabin Cultural Association was created as a place of peace and harmony where indigenous people and people from all cultures could come to relax and share their traditions, passing on the traditions of the elders to the younger generations, as well as being a sanctuary for local wildlife. The association became incorporated in 2009.

In 2016, Kupidabin Cultural Association Inc. was 'wound down', with new direction ‘Kupidabin Wilderness’ commenced in February 2017.

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